Mob Psycho 100 (Season 1) – The countdown begins!

Mob Psycho

Mix in comedy, puberty, supernatural abilities into a pot and sprinkle in a little bit of chaos before turning on the heat and you’ll get a taste of what Mob Psycho 100 is dishing out. This rollercoaster of an anime is light-hearted but nicely executed with a colourful comic-esque art style that shines through in its action scenes.

Created by manga artist ONE (who also gave us One-Punch Man), the anime centres on the affectionately named middle school student Mob who struggles with and internalises his emotions. At times this emotional strain explodes in the form of powerful telekinetic abilities, signalled by a countdown timer throughout the episodes, giving you a sense of impending doom. Mob strives to better himself but is caught in various and sometimes challenging situations through the goodness of his heart. Which a few people take advantage of, most notably his part-time manager! Throw in the shady criminal esper organisation Claw into the mix and Mob faces what seems to be an insurmountable challenge. 

Mob Psycho is an enjoyable snack sized series coming in at twelve episodes. It doesn’t quite make the ‘must watch’ list but give it a go when you’re stuck for something to watch and fancy something fun and easy going.

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