Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan Review

dragon pilot hisone and masotan

The cutsey, colourful and cartoon-like artwork is what hits you immediately as you delve into this anime and it’s also one of its very few positives. To be honest Dragon Pilot was a bit of a struggle to watch, save for our main character Hisone and the shows transforming dragons known as Organic Transformed Fliers (OTFs) there aren’t many talking points.

Following a not so happy life at high school due to her straightforward persona, Hisone Amakasu joins the Japan Air-Defence Force where she is soon chosen by an OTF to become its pilot.Her personality proves to be a challenge when looking to build relationships and you can’t help but feel for her! Her stubbornness and sheer drive along with her personality make Hisone a loveable character but beyond this the anime struggles to stay afloat. Many of its supporting characters are one-dimensional and lack any real depth. As for the story it doesn’t quite become apparent until the latter half of the series and even then it falls flat with some ridiculous set-ups and a rather tame ending.

It’s not an anime I’d be happy to recommend but I most certainly wasn’t the target audience for this series. Give it a go when all else fails, and even then think twice about it.