Aggretsuko (Season 1) Review – Get ready to rage!

If you’ve ever disliked the 9-5 grind of deadlines, getting on with co-workers or school mates, your boss or teacher, and the much hated commute to work you; Aggretsuko will find a liking to this funny and highly relatable anime. 

Retsuko, a single 25 year old accountant slaves away at a job she comes to hate but finds release in her passion for karaoke, in particular death metal where she morphs into a rage filled front-woman. As she navigates office politics, harassment, and her own raison d’etre she dreams of ways to escaping this daily hell but manages to find little pockets of comfort and a touch of romance.

The show itself tackles some difficult topics that may present themselves at work and has a mature outlook which is a nice contrast to its chibi art style. Based on the Sanrio character the show nicely portrays the daily grind that has become the norm to so many. It’s both cute and punchy with vividly bright colours and a great host of characters. Although the artwork isn’t anything to die for it’s easy on the eyes and adds to the shows enjoyment. 

With a very simple storyline and setting it’s hard to find any faults with Aggretsuko which is almost perfectly executed and has possibly made its way to my twenty of all time.

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