7 Seeds (Season 2) Review – A step in the right direction!

7 Seeds

[Note, potential spoilers ahead]

Following on from its rather abrupt ending, 7 Seeds season two continues the story of our survivors with a deeper focus and better pacing. Taking a step back and pausing has been the right move for the series. It brimmed with potential but overreached itself in its first season so the turn around has been welcomed. 

We pick up immediately where we left off in season one, in the midst of a fight with tensions having reached boiling point following the incident in the cave. This concludes with Ango being exiled, taking his leave with Ryo. From here the series could have taken one of several turns, one of which included sticking to the original formula used in season one, but thankfully they didn’t and it’s paid off!

Instead of switching between three or four different stories over the space of 12 episodes (which is where season one failed!); we are allowed to watch a team bond, develop and grow with a pacing that fits a storyline that’s easy to follow. Team Summer B have been riding their luck for some time now and when Ango and Ryo stumble across them, they undertake their own journey of self discovery.

The initial episodes build up to the main story and set the scene as Ango and Ryo assess team Summer B in their own ways. The bulk of the story then plays out at what appears to be a graveyard of ships at sea, where the newly formed Summer B decide to explore one of the seven Mt. Fuji’s we learned of in season one.

The story is interesting enough to keep you engaged and I’ll go as far as saying it even gets a little emotional. Although I’m not versed with the manga, it carries itself and there isn’t much I can fault it on. The  desperately needed character development has been central to the success of this season and I look forward to seeing how this follows through in season 3.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with this sequel. Having started off with such promise in season one, the show it managed to almost butcher itself! For a series that carries themes of sexual abuse, self identity, women’s health and violence, Season 2 has definitely saved it and 7 Seeds can build from here moving from strength to strength.

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