Aggretsuko (Season 3) Review – From Room Rage to Stage!


Before I kick off this bite-sized review, I would like to state that Aggretsuko has been one of my favourite anime series of recent times. The first two seasons of this kawaii-esque slice of life show were top-notch and highly entertaining so season 3 was something I very much looked forward to!

Having just ended her relationship, Retsuko finds herself rebounding with a virtual boyfriend. One that quickly leaves her in a troubling financial situation that only gets worse following a minor car accident. With seemingly no one to turn to for help and indebted to the victim, she uses her skills as an accountant to become the accounting manager of an underground pop-idol trio to tackle her debt. As she becomes more and more involved with the group, keeping her second life a secret from her colleagues and friends becomes increasingly challenging especially once her death metal karaoke skills are noticed.

Unlike the first two seasons, the third takes the focus out of the day-to-day office environment and centres it on Retsuko’s side gig, introducing a handful of new characters. We also discover a tiny bit more about the lives and interests of some of her colleagues from those delving into blogs, app creating and book writing. Her colleague and friend Haida takes more of a central role as he battles with his feelings for Retsuko and things take a somewhat dark turn as we reach the seasons climax.

One of the drawbacks of the season which is becoming more apparent as the series goes on is the lack of character development of some of the secondary characters. This could be due to the time constraints but Haida is pretty much the only character over season 2 and 3 that is being fleshed out with others seemingly falling by the wayside.

Overall the series is going from strength to strength and is one of the standout Netflix anime shows. Clocking in at roughly 15min per episode you can enjoy a relaxing and entertaining few hours of colour popping fun.

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