Hi Score Girl (Season 1) – It’s over 9000!

Hi Score Girl

Beautiful, sincere and utterly charming. This manga turned anime is all of this and more! Every once in a while an anime series comes along to remind you in the most simple of ways why you fell in love with the genre, and if you ever needed reminding then you’re sure to adore this throwback to a childhood that sadly is no more.

This 90’s arcade romantic comedy follows a young Haruo Yagauchi who lives and breathes video games, particularly arcade fighting games which is where he meets his rival and schoolmate Akira Ono. She is the polar opposite of Haruo; academically gifted and from a strict wealthy family. The series charts their childhood and their ups and downs through an era where the popularity of gaming was skyrocketing.

Hi Score Girl scores highly in almost every area, from the bright and vibrant artwork to the music and character development. It’s littered with memorable scenes and what it does brilliantly is to evoke and convey emotions with the most minimal of dialogue. Take an afternoon off and spend a few hours simply melting into this series.