7 Seeds (Season 1) – It just doesn’t bloom!

This post apocalyptic anime brims with buckets of potential and is enjoyable for the most part but sadly it lacks presence and feels a bit confused. 

Many years after a meteor strike wipes out most of the life on Earth, a small group of individuals are awoken from a cryogenic sleep and must quickly adapt and navigate this hostile new world. Split into several different teams, a few soon realise that the enemies they face may be closer to home than they think and the man eating creatures and plants may be the least of their worries.

If anything, I’d say a positive you can to take from the anime is its mature narrative. You won’t find the typical stereotypes that prevail in many shows and although there are several characters to introduce, they are fleshed out enough as to be relatable. The setting, environment and challenges are also realistic, setting a nice stage for this survival tale.

Sadly there are more negatives than positives to be drawn from the show. The pacing is just not right which gives rise to a storyline playing connect the dots as we jump from location to location. The animation seems to be stuck in the early 2000’s and the score isn’t much to shout about either. 

7 Seeds overall is an easy if not a slightly boring series to watch which has a lot to juggle but suffers from trying to tackle it all at the same time. Furthermore, what kind of damn ending to a season is that?!  

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