Occult Academy – If only I could get my time back

occult academy

Bland, poorly executed and one dimensional. These are the first few things that pop into mind having finished Occult Academy. On first glance it appears promising, an agent from a future on the brink of destruction and invaded by aliens is sent to the past to search for and destroy the Nostradamus key, an artifact which is key to bringing about the end of the world. The key has been pin-pointed to be located at or around a school known locally as the occult academy, where the search for and the study of otherworldly things takes place.

After an introduction to the characters over the first couple of episodes and the main protagonist Maya, who has inherited the school and is now its principal following her father’s death; the anime zig-zags its way to a disappointing and in my view a very poor ending. The supporting characters share the best part of a few brain cells between them and don’t appear to have any depth to them and are overly stereotypical. Calling them sidekicks almost seem too generous and the anime loves throwing them into various situations as we explore the academy and its surroundings. 

I find that the show is struggling to work out if it’s a supernatural mystery-thriller, supernatural action-comedy high school show or how about a bit of everything for good measure. Taking a narrower view and some time to flesh out its characters would have done the series some justice but it feels rushed for the best part. Now on to moan about the lost hours I’ll never get back…