Aggretsuko (Season 2) Review – The rage continues!


Aggretsuko season 2 builds on the strong foundations from the first season and this follow up expands on everything that made season one so enjoyable!

Season two sees the addition of a new employee joining the ranks of the accounting department which adds another highly relatable if not disturbing dimension to the office politics Retsuko is having to navigate. We also dive further into her personal life as she strives to find love and eventually marriage, through which we witness her mother desperately trying to find her a suitor, going as far as photoshopping potential partners into Hollywood looking leading male actors. 

The comedy value has been somewhat toned down but that doesn’t take away from its enjoyment. To aid in the growth of the series, some of the supporting characters have been fleshed out and it’s great to see a milder and more caring side to the grumpy office boss and a mothering side to the office gossip queen.

Brighter, punch(ier?) and a tad more colourful than season one, Aggretsuko season two is a great follow up which shouldn’t leave anyone disappointed. 

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