Mob Psycho 100 (Season 2) Review – It fizzes but no pop!

After tasting what Mob Psycho 100 season 1 had to offer; season 2 is deeper and more mature in flavour, focusing fully on Mob’s character development.

Following on from the events of the first season, Mob realises early on that facing his emotions head on holds the key to his development which the bodybuilding club alone won’t be able to satisfy. Noticing his growth, those around him undergo their own personal developments too and in the middle of it all the criminal organisation Claw begins to make its move.

The pacing in this season is faster than that of the first and there has been a slightly noticeable change in animation for which I’m personally not much of a fan of. The action scenes could have been executed better when comparing them to those of the first season and everything just feels a little rushed. We also seem to have lost some of the anime’s comedic flare.

As a sequel the series, Mob Psycho passes but doesn’t leave much of an impact so don’t hold your breath for anything spectacular. 

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